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Soothe Spray Gel


Our Soothe Spray Gel is specifically designed to be the perfect remedy for after long days spent in the sun, on bug bites after a camp trip, or for your aftershave every morning before work. Containing a powerhouse blend of anti inflammation ingredients  which work to soothe and restore skin. 

  • After Sun
  • Post-shave
  • Bug Bites
  • post-cleanse toner

food-grade menthol cooling  | non comedogenic | for dry skin | ph 5. | vegan

superstar ingredients:
aloe (soothing + moisture + anti inflammation) coconut milk (hydrating + soothing) chamomile (soothing) calendula (soothing) cucumber peel (cooling) licorice root (anti oxidant + anti inflammation + soothing) green tea (reduce cellular damage + antioxidant) milk thistle (anti inflammation antioxidant)

4 oz | glass

Full Ingredient List

Squalane,Organic Grapeseed Oil, cold-pressed Strawberry Seed Oil, Organic Rosehip Seed Oil, Rosemary Co2, and Organic Frankincense CO2.

How-to use

Use a couple drops on face morning after cleansing.


Options: 1 or 2 oz amber glass