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At Valor Skincare, we formulate and craft intentional products and perspectives to empower everyone in their journey towards self-discovery and daily wellness. We're dedicated to fostering a deeper connection with oneself while nurturing a commitment to holistic well-being. Our belief is simple: by being mindful of what we use, we contribute to preserving the beauty of our planet.

based in research

Our Process + Research

In our skincare lab, we're passionate about crafting products that help your skincare routine. Behind every formulation lies a meticulous process of research and development, where we delve into the most effective natural ingredients and synergetic combination of ingredients to create effective products formulated to your skin's needs. From sourcing the highest-quality ingredients to conducting rigorous testing, our meticulous process ensures the best products for your skin. Join us on this journey to radiant, healthy skin, where science meets beauty in perfect harmony.

Our orgins

Formulator + Founder

In 2016, I began formulating skincare products following the stillbirth of my daughter, Mila, at 26 weeks. Desperate for answers about my pregnancy's sudden end, I investigated skincare ingredients after experiencing discomfort with a high-end exfoliation cream used during my pregnancy.

Discovering lax regulations in the skincare industry and harmful ingredients prevalent in trusted products, I embarked on creating my own safe skincare. Starting with basic formulations for myself, I soon expanded to share them with loved ones, receiving positive feedback that inspired me to refine and distribute my creations nationwide.

Through years of experimentation and learning, crafting healthy products became my solace during a difficult grieving process, igniting a passion for creating and nurturing through natural means. Now, I'm devoted to crafting skincare that not only cares for individuals but also for our planet, sourcing ethical ingredients and sustainable packaging to promote well-being on multiple levels.

What I know to be true: life is beautiful and precious. And, I'm so stoked you're here.

-Susie Grace