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Valor Skincare was founded by Susie Grace with a mission to empower people to take care of their bodies and our beautiful Earth.

Guided by experiences from her own wellness path, Susie created Valor Skincare after experiencing a late-term pregnancy loss. From that experience, her belief that taking better care of ourselves can also teach us to take better care of both each other and our beautiful Earth.

Valor Skincare provides intentionally-formulated products and perspectives to help all individuals deepen their understanding of themselves and enrich their commitment to every day wellness. We believe that being mindful of what we consume will help keep our earth beautiful.

paper packets for our masks

Reducing our footprint

We believe in one less: one less plastic bag, one less single use plastic, one less fast-fashion clothing item; if we all use less, we all win. Because our Earth is such a beautiful place and using less helps us keep it that way.

Our Practices

  • We use 100% recycled cardboard shipping boxes
  • We participate in an up-cycling program with a printer in our community, using tissue perfectly good tissue paper that would otherwise be thrown away.
Our Lab

We are dedicated to using the best practices when making products. Our workspace participates in green practices and recycles when possible.


One of the largest problems in the skincare industry is waste. We do our part of using refill systems for almost half of our products. Refills are both sustainable responsible as well as economically sustainable as well.

Interested carrying Valor Skincare Products?

We take pleasure in working with like-minded businesses and work to keep great-working business relationships. We ensure fast delivery and love custom partnerships where we all win.