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Powder-to-Foam Cleanser


This gentle, non-striping, and lightly-exfoliating cleanser is formulated without water to keep the ingredients minimal yet potent. Fine, round amber pieces team with pumpkin powder to gently enzyme+mechanically exfoliate, rhassoul clay detoxes the pores, and honey and white willow bark help cleanse and tone the skin. Green tea is there to help tone and add needed antioxidants, while coconut milk keeps the skin moisturized, giving you clean + radiant skin. This powder-to-foam cleanser leaves your skin feeling cleansed, clear, and radiant. 

Superstar Ingredients: coconut milk (hydrating) honey (cleansing) pumpkin (enzyme exfoliating) round amber pieces (exfoliating) banana (hydrating) white willow bark (toning) moroccan rhassoul clay (detoxing + mineral) green tea (antioxidant + toning)

Choose your container: A biodegradable shaker, glass jar, or a home compostable refill packet.

I am loving the products (aka mind is blown every time), especially helping my dry winter skin from outdoor activities.

-Emily R.

Looooove the new products. My skin is feeling really soft and I'm obsessed with the lotion. I love the face wash, too, as I feel it gives a bit of exfoliation.

- Kara S.

Full ingredient List

coconut milk powder, corn starch powder, rice powder, sodium cocoyl isethionate, honey powder, white willlow bark powder, black currant powder, green tea powder, pumpkin powder, banana powder, rose + benzonite clay, amber pieces, calendula, rosehip seed powder, rose petal powder, and maltodrexin.

How-to use

A new way to cleanse: Wet face. Place marble-sized amount into your hand. Add same amount of water, rub hands to create lather. To get your perfect lather, adjust how much water and cleansing powder while rubbing your hands together.


1.7 oz/45 grams


- Biodegradable heavy cardboard shaker

- Brown, UV resistent Glass

- Home-compostable refill packet

Label: home-compostable in 3 months.