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Body + Face (everywhere) Oil


Our organic herb-infused body oil is an invigorating surge of antioxidant-rich hydration, delivering softening, nourishing, and firming benefits. This premium blend of oils and organic herbs are highly soothing and moisturizing yet never leaves a greasy feel. It will replenish your skin's minerals, offer lasting hydration, and leave you with a healthier moisture barrier and a radiant glow.

Why We Love it: This oil feels soft to the touch, it absorbs easily and has a very high amount of antioxidants; which helps to care for your skin now as well as help to heal past damage.

This oil has a very light, fresh smell which is created by a subtle amount of organic essential oils | non comedogenic | vegan | nutrient-packed

superstar ingredients: Organic Camellia oil (very fast absorbing + moisturizing)
Marula Oil(antioxidant + soothing + hydrating) Bamboo Extract (soothing + helps nutrients absorb) Organic Golden Jojoba Oil (calms skin + vit E)  Astaxanthin (microalgae + super antioxidant)

To create this exceptional oil, we infuse a blend of organic herbs, including German Chamomile, Comfrey, Burdock, Ashwaganda, St. John's Wort, and Dandelion Leaf, giving your skin the nourishment to stay happy and healthy. 

Full Ingredient List

organic camillia oil, [german chamomile*, st. johns wort*, burddock*,comfrey*, plantain*, dandelion leaf*, and ashwaganda*] infused grapeseed oil, marula oil, organic golden jojoba oil, bamboo extract, rosemary c02, organic frankinse co2, organic rosemary cinerol, organic roman chamomile, sunflower seed oil, and astaxanthin (microalgae) | *indicates organic

How-to use

To Use: use sparingly after a shower, bath, or cleansing your face. Press into skin or lightly massage, to give your self some extra love.


Options: 4oz amber glass pump or 8oz amber glass pump