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Gotu Sea Mask | Pore-clearing


Resurface | Transforms a dull complexion into vibrant, glowing skin.
Ideal for congested pores, dull or uneven skin texture. This powdered mask turns into a beautiful paste when added to a teaspoon of water. 

superstar ingredients: glacial clay (detox pores)sea moss (balances skin microbe), coconut milk (moisture), hibiscus (AHA + pore clearing), gotu kolu (antioxidant + anti againg), bamboo(soothing + antioxidant), niacimide(soothing), black current powder(antibacterial) and bromelain (skin brightening + gentle exfoliant from pineapple)


Full Ingredient List

glacial clay, sea moss, coconut milk, hibiscus, gotu kolu, bamboo, niacimide(vegan), black current powder, and bromelain(from pineapple)

How-to use

Pour packet into container or hand. Add a teaspoon amount of water. Blend with find until all the powder is dissolved into paste. Spread on to skin. Leave on for 10 min. Rinse off with warm water.


Use 2-3 times a week.


Single Use/5 grams


Packet: Biodegradable!

Label: Hand stamped with water-based ink