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Everyday Face Cloth

Good for both you and the Earth, this 12.5-inch-by-12.5-inch washcloth packs a powerful punch of mechanical exfoliation, sloughing away dead cells and revealing skin's bright, youthful radiance. It's gentle enough to use on your face - and all over! - and with its natural flax-fiber construction, it's just as respectful of Mother Nature as it is your complexion. Plus, since flax is resistant to bacteria and molds, this cloth is made to last.


How-to use

Reusable set for facecloths are made of natural linen (not bleached, not colored). Face towels are organic and very absorbent, also fully permeable to air so it dries very quickly. Natural linen face cloths are perfect for people suffering from various allergies shouldn’t worry too as linen materials have antibacterial qualities.


12.5in x 12.5in