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Soul Mud Mask


Pamper your skin with our soothing face mask, featuring Moroccan clay infused with essential vitamins + minerals. This unique blend of clay and natural powders leaves your skin clear, toned, and soothed. Moroccan clay gently removes impurities from your pores, while Resveratrol, organic Aloe, Goji, and Hyaluronic Acid work together to soothe, rejuvenate, and plump your skin.

superstar ingredients: rhassoul clay* (gentle detox + toning) aloe (hydrating) resvesterol (toning + softening) allantoin (soothing) goji (antioxidant) hyaluronic acid (hydrating)

Full Ingredient List

rhassoul clay* (gentle detox + toning) aloe* (hydrating) goji (antioxidant) resvesterol (toning + softening) allantoin (soothing) hyaluronic acid (hydrating)

How-to use

Add a few drops of water. Leave on for 10 min. Rinse with warm water, move hand in circular motion. Moisturize after use. 


Single Use/5 grams


Packet: Biodegradable!

Label: Hand stamped with water-based inks